The 'inVisible' campaign!

The women from Totnes WI share their wisdom about growing older gracefully as they live through their third age.

The Women's Insititute which is currently celebrating it's centenary, is recognised worldwide for it's empowerment of women and the ladies of Totnes WI wholeheartedly embrace this fact.

12 members from the branch became swimwear models for the day and took part in a swimwear photo shoot and short documentary produced by Henry Vinten with the aim to inspire women of all ages to celebrate their bodies.

(Sandstorm is currently commissioning research on an MA programme into this specific genre).

The photo shoot took place in the beautiful grounds of Sharpham Trust in South Devon.

Kate Taylor - President of Totnes WI branch said "most women have some body issues, so to do something like this photo shoot is refreshing and it can help women get over their issues.

For further information about the photo shoot contact:

Additional Contributors to the photo shoot:

Tresor Paris, Beau Bronz, Miss Beaujangles of Totnes, Eylure

To watch their 'inVisible' film - click HERE!  

The story is just beginning .....

The ladies of Totnes WI will be bringing their creative and craft skills and wisdom to the Sandstorm Luxury design team in 2016!