Sandstorm Luxury - one of UK's premier online luxury and designer swimwear businesses has launched a ground breaking swimwear campaign for 2015 called #SoSandstorm and it is all about empowering women!

In essence the campaign is about women empowering women to be themselves and to love the skin they are in. Sandstorm believe real women leading real lifes need to be represented in  the fashion.

Real women want to buy from companies who represent real women!

Lily John spoken woman for Sandstorm said 'we sent out a request via social media last year and conducted a casting in search for several engaging models who we felt represented us and what we stand for. We were overwhelmed with response from women of all walks of life and so we decided to work with 20 of the models (13 are featured in the images) who encapsulated our brand ethos. The ladies came along to a photo shoot in Devon at the beautiful South Coombe Luxury Cottage Complex and were all individually fitted with items which are available to purchase from our 2015 collection.

Caitlin, Kirsty, Rikaya #SoSandstorm Models

Meet Caitlin (left), Kirsty (middle), Rikaya (right)

Meet Tanya and Emma-Lea 

MEET Tanya (left) and Emma-Lea (right)

Meet Gemma and Barbra #sosandstorm

MEET GEMMA (left) and Barbra (right)

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Meet Sarah and Rachel #sosandstorm

MEET Sarah (left) and Rachel (right)

Meet Candice and Amy #sosandstorm

MEET Candice (left) and Amy (right)

Meet Charlotte #sosandstorm

MEET Charlotte (left)

Meet Elesha #sosandstorm

MEET Elesha (right)

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